Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Antarctica hits 63 Degrees!

To be clear, we are talking about a north reaching peninsula of Antarctica here indicated in red at the top left corner of the map.  A continent covered in ice, on April 24th, it hit 63.5 degrees and that is the hottest it has ever been there.

There is some disagreement, even among climate change scientists, as to what to call this 'unfolding event'...  Some claim that increasing CO2 will and has led to clear 'warming.'  On the other side are the deniers who use regional climate fluxes, to say, "See there is no warming, look at this blizzard!?"  This forces those on the side of science and the common ground to offer, what we have here is "global climate change" abandoning the once often used term global warming...

Here's the key factor, "Warming IS change, that causes climate variation."

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